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LEAs Arrest C-Company Criminal Gang From Karachi

Karachi (October 19, 2018): Law enforcement agencies on Friday have arrested shooter of a criminal gang ‘C-Company’ during an operation conducted in Karachi. The group is inspired by a Bollywood film titled C Kkompany, alternatively C Company released in 2008.

According to disclosures made by the arrested member Liaqat Bajori the gang comprising of seven to eight members operate several drug rackets in Karachi.

Police told the daily business of each racket is about three to four million rupees and every peddler gets Rs.5000 to Rs. 10000 after one day of narcotics sale.Police are conducting raid to arrest the ring leader of gang but have so far failed to make a breakthrough in this connection.

In a separate operation, the Sindh Rangers have arrested the leader of a street criminal gang in Gulshan Iqbal area of Karachi.