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LEAs Conduct Search Operation in Karachi Central Jail

Karachi (June 16, 2017): Prohibited items and narcotics were recovered from the barracks of inmates during the search operation conducted in Central Jail Karachi by the Law Enforcement Agencies.

Sources attributed search operation to escape of two dangerous inmates of a banned outfit from the jail two days ago.

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According to the sources,  during the operation prisoners were taken out of their barracks and counted.

The barracks that housed members of banned outfit were searched much more minutely than barracks of other inmates. During the search operation inmates were also interrogated.

It may be mentioned here that special meeting with prisoners has also been suspended after two dangerous terrorists of a banned outfit escaped from the jail a few days ago. The overall security of the Jail was also reviewed during the search operation.

It may be mentioned here that two “high-profile militants” of the banned Lashkar-i-Jhangvi (LJ) escaped from Karachi’s central prison managed to escape from Central Jail Karachi two days ago.

Shaikh Muhammad Mumtaz- alias Firoon alias Sher Khan alias Shahzad alias Rahi ─ and Muhammad Ahmed Khan alias Munna had escaped from ‘judicial complex of Central Prison Karachi’.

LJ militants and that Shaikh Mumtaz alias Firoon, a resident of Orangi Town was involved in targeted killings of 57 persons including members of Shia community and the police. He had 32 cases registered against him. Ahmed alias Munna, a resident of Korangi was involved in seven targeted killing cases.

The two under-trial prisoners were found missing and reported to have escaped from the Judicial Complex adjacent to Central Prison Karachi.

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