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Musharraf is in Good Health and Must Appear Before Court: Ahsan

Lahore (March 17, 2018): Interior Minster Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday said that certain quarters creating an environment before elections to raise questions over the democratic system in  the country.

He said this while inaugurating a mobile registration car service of NADRA in Lahore.

Terming the accountability process as disease, he also asked as to why the slogan of accountability is raised when the elections are nearer.

“A process of revenge is going on in the name of accountability,” he said adding that they accept accountability but not its political use.

The federal minister further said that so many games had been played in Pakistan that people had lost faith in some forces.Discussing the security situation in the country, Iqbal observed that the PML-N led government had curbed terrorism during the course of its rule.

“We curbed terrorism during the tenure of our rule. People are trying to get tickets of Pakistan Super League (PSL) in Karachi – a city where extortion chits were a norm till some time back,” he told the journalists.

The interior minister also spoke about the government’s resolve to achieve its target to become one of the world’s top 25 economies by 2025.

“We have changed the direction of the country in the past five years and we will achieve our target to become one of the world’s 25 economies by 2025,” said Iqbal.

He further said that Musharraf is no more a general and is a head of a political party. “He should not demand protocol of a general and should come to the court to mark his attendance” he said.

He said that when three-times prime minister Nawaz Sharif could come to the court twice in a day when not Musharraf could appear before the court.He warned former president Pervez Musharraf of dire consequences upon failure to appear before the court.

“Musharraf is in good health and must appear before the court,” said Iqbal.

The federal minister said that the interior ministry could cancel Musharraf’s passport and national identity card if he remains absent from court proceedings of an ongoing high treason case against him.

On Friday, Musharraf had requested for foolproof security upon return to Pakistan in relation to his appearance in the ongoing high treason case against him.

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