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Shahbaz Sharif Calls For Rule of Law In Country

Lahore(May 01, 2018): Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif served masses for the consecutive 10 years, not done corruption of a single penny, he stressed upon the need of rule of law in the country.

Addressing in a ceremony held to mark labor day in Lahore, Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz said that from accommodating laborers in educational institutions to the building hospitals and labor colonies for laborers as part of social security, Punjab government has always worked for laborers.

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He asked from political opponents that, what they have done for the labors in their provinces?.

He said KP government not built a single hospital in the provinces, whereas Slogan of Zardari is ” Marsoon Marsoon, Kaam Na Karsoon”.

He said that the Punjab government has always made laborers-friendly policieslabor play strong rule in strengthening the economy, govt striving hard to provide facilities to the labors of the country, Shehbaz added.

PML (N) President said that the Labor Day reminds us of the oppression and struggle of the laborers of Chicago. He reiterated that this is a day for enhancing the struggle for better salaries and rights for laborers. “Islam has enjoined upon its followers to pay the laborers before the drying of their sweat”, he said.

He resolved to keep working for the laborers and encouraged everyone to fulfill their rights.

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