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I’m Also A “Muhajir”, Says Murad Ali Shah

Karachi (September 30, 2018): Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah has declared Federal Government “Tax Evader”.

Addressing in the session of the Sindh Assembly today, Murad Ali Shah FBR accomplishes its target by evading tax of provinces, the institution needs to be reformed, he added.

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About development work, CM Sindh said that modern roads have been constructed in Sanghar,  956 development schemes will be completed during the current financial year, Murad said.

He said that Bhutto is the name of ideology, to be a Bhutto, you need to sacrifice.

CM Sindh said that a member called the house “A fish market” which hurt him.CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah Addresses in SA SessionMurad Ali Shah even he is “Muhajir” his parents migrated.

Earlier on September 28, Pakistan Peoples Party leader, Sohail Anwar Siyal clarified his statement in the Sindh Assembly House about “Muhajirs”.

Siyal said he talked about a mindset, not against Urdu Speakings, he clarified.

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Sohail Anwar Siyal said he is against the partition of Sindh Province, efforts being done to create differences between Sindhi and Urdu speaking residents of the province.

Siyal said that his aunt is also Urdu speaking, the statement was against those, who gave us “Bori Band Bodies”, he added.

Earlier on September 27, Siyal while responding to the MQM, MPA in Sindh Assembly said that, “the absconder, the traitor of the country had made a speech in India that the creation of Pakistan was a big blunder,” he said, referring to MQM founder Altaf Hussain. Altaf Hussain has been living in London in self-imposed exile since 1992.Siyal then went on to comment on the arrival of Urdu-speaking people: “We gave them a place in our hearts and nourished them from our own grain. We are the ones who are rearing them.”

These were the people who introduced “bori-band lashain,” Siyal went on to say. Their people are involved in the May 12 violence. Siyal once held the position of home minister in Sindh.

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