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CM KP Vows Locals To Be Preferred in Dam’s Building Employment

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Mahmood Khan has said that local people will be preferred in employing the construction of Muhimand Dam adding that 3-G and 4-G services will be started in Muhimand soon.

The CM visited District Muhimand and attended the colourful celebration of the spring festival.

Mahmood Khan said that the provincial government will ensure the construction of a University campus in district Muhimand adding that tribes faced innumerable miseries and difficulties for a long period and peace established after sacrifices of security forces.

He said that now youth has to take responsibility of the country into their hands and now tribal people have to play a role in for country development.

The CM said that today job scheme inaugurated in Muhimand and Rs one Billion has been allocated for employment scheme and youth and deserving people of Muhimand will get interest-free loans.