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Lord Nazir Ahmed’s House Robbed

South yorkshire (January 24, 2018): The residence of British-Pakistani Lord Nazir Ahmed was made the target of a robbery in the wee hours of Wednesday morning here in the Rotherham locale, adding that numerous valuables, as well as important documents, were stolen.

Ahmed, however, was not present at his home and remained safe.Near his home in the South Yorkshire, England town, he said he had theories on who could be behind the incident.

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There’s a possibility that foreign intelligence may have a hand in this dacoity, Ahmed explained, adding that, on the other hand, it could be aimed to sabotage a campaign in Kashmir against Indian aggression and brutality.The theft was carried out in an organised manner, with closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras smashed on purpose, he noted.At present, he said he is working against a campaign in London that is targetting Pakistan and its image.“It is an attempt to deliver me a warning,” he stated, saying, however, that he was neither frightened nor worried Ahmed said he was waiting for to discuss the issue with British police and local intelligence agencies.

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