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Lucky boy survives deadliest spider bite in Australia

Matthew Mitchell, a 10 years old Australian boy has survived a bite from one of the world’s deadliest spiders, a male funnel-web spider after taking a record 12 vials of anti-venom.

Local media reported that Matthew did not show any adverse effects to the high dose of antivenin he was given. Experts are surprised by the way he was handled a dose of anti-venom that is twice or thrice the usual dose.

According to the details, Matthew was helping his father clean a shed when he was bitten by the spider. As the pain spread he began to froth at the mouth and started sweating.

His father Darren tied Matthew’s shirt as a tourniquet and rushed him to a hospital where he received treatment. The bite of the funnel web spider is fatal if not countered with anti-venom within 15 minutes.

The spider was captured and taken to Australian Reptile Park to be milked for anti-venom. The Park has been asking Australians not to kill funnel-web spiders as their venom can be used in future rescues.