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Mahjabeen Rides for Miles to Teach in a School

Taunsa Sharif (April 28, 2018): 33 year old school teacher rides a motorcycle for miles to reach her school and setting a wonderful example of courage and determination.

“I can a lot better than this to spread education in Pakistan”, says Majbeen, who rides a motorcycles for miles to teach in a school.

Mahjabeen belongs to an underprivileged area of named Sokar. She belongs to an area where a woman is not allowed to go out. Even after these restrictions, Mahjabeen rides a bike for 27 kilometer everyday.

This brave lady teaches in a boys school of village named “Kaleri” near Koh Suleman. Mahjabeen has been teaching there for over six years and it affect her personal life.

Mahjabeen asked the government to transfer her in a nearby school so that she could take care of her personal life as well.

Mahjabeen has done a Masters in Political Science and M.Ed from Bahauddin Zakariya University.

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