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Main Culprit Behind PIC Clash Dr Irfan Appeared as Nominated in Murder Case

ISLAMABAD: The main culprit behind Doctors, Lawyers Rampage Dr Irfan Exposed as Nominated accused in Murder Case

It was disclosed on Saturday that the main cause of clash between lawyers and doctors, Dr Irfan, is a nominated accused in a murder case.

According to sources, he was alleged of murder of a citizen, Sunal, accomplices with other doctors and staff of the hospital.

It is pertinent to mention that the core reason of the clash between doctors and lawyer was Dr Irfan’s speech, which was viral on social media,  in which he made hilarious over the lawyers dialogues saying lawyers have gone to police but got nothing and one of their leaders wept before the police told them doctors had beaten him severely.

Dr Irfan also read out poetry carrying inadequate content against lawyers while the other staff members, who were present on the occasion, were laughing.