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Major cyber attacks disrupt access to Twitter, dozens of websites  

WASHINGTON: The third major cyber attack on Dyn, the internet traffic company in United States, disrupted access to Twitter among most of the social networking websites across the world.

Dyn on Friday warned a third cyber attack is currently ongoing, hours after a large number of websites and services across the world were initially shut down.

Dyn said that the cyber attacks were well planned and coming from tens of millions of IP addresses at the same time. The attacks prevented users from accessing Paupall, twitter and other websites

The company said that the attacks were coming from internet-connected devices, such as web cams, printers and thermostats, infected with malicious software that turns them into ‘bots’ that can be used in massive distributed denial of service attacks.

Dyn said that it was fighting the third major wave of attacks, which were being launched from locations spread across the world, making them harder to fight. According to US media, Department of Homeland Security launched investigations to probe the cyber attacks.