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Major Reshuffling in Sindh Cabinet

KARACHI: In a major reshuffle in the current cabinet of the Sindh Government, stalwarts of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) have been given additional responsibilities.

The former Provincial Minister of Sindh for Local Government, Public Health Engineering and Rural Development, and Katchi Abadies, Saeed Ghani’s has been awarded a role in the Literacy and Education departments, he will continue to work on his pre-existing role in Labour department, the official notification read.

Provincial Minister of Sindh for Local Government, Forests and Religious Affairs, Nasir Hussain Shah has been assigned an additional position in the Information Ministry of Sindh.

Provincial Minister for Industries and Commerce and Co-operative and Housing Jam Ikram Dharejo has been levied with additional responsibility in the department of anti-corruption, Sindh.