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Malala Urges Pakistani Women To Raise Voice For Rights    

Davos (January 26, 2018): Pakistani Nobel laureate Malala Yousufzai has urged the women in Pakistan to speak for their rights and raise their voice, reminding them that they are brave.

Malala said, “My campaign on behalf of Malala Fund is aimed at providing higher education to every girl in the world, including Pakistan. I have traveled to Mexico, Lebanon, Nigeria, India and everywhere, but Pakistan is my main focus. We have done most in Pakistan and there we are focusing on Shangla and Swat. Besides that, we are also focusing on south Punjab now, so that we may support projects there.“I announced Gul Makai network, in which we have local advocates, activists for education, who are working on education, teachers’ training and advocacy. Therefore, for that we are focusing on KPK and south Punjab and God willing we will expand this. I am hopeful that we would be able to see a change in Pakistan so that more children may go to school and acquire quality education.”

Asked why was it necessary for her to tell the world that women in Pakistan are vibrant and they need space, she said the issue lies not just in Pakistan, but all over the world.

“Women face a lot of difficulties, they should be given their rights and brought forth, for when you educate women and take work from them then this adds to development of the country,” the Nobel laureate said.She, however, stressed on practical measures for educating and empowering women to yield positive results.

“But if we look at this practically, we will have to invest in education, in health; will have to bring women in labour sector, so that they may involve in work and so we will be able to see that positive change which we want to see.”Image result for world economic forum malalaInquired about her message for women in Pakistan, Malala said, “I will tell them to speak for their rights, raise their voice. You are brave and keep working courageously.”

She said that business sectors and the governments in the world have been focusing on education and empowerment of women.

“Everyone will have to come together and support each other in this and I can see more girls going to school and women being empowered,” the Pakistani Nobel laureate concluded.

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