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Maleeha Lodhi Gives Farewell Speech at UN

NEW YORK: Dr Maleeha Lodhi, outgoing Permanent Representative at the United Nations (UN), in her farewell speech once again urged the world to take solid and effective against the Indian atrocities in the occupied Kashmir.

Ambassador Lodhi talked about how the atrocities being inflicted on poor, helpless, defenseless Kashmiris were impacting the day-to-day lives of the people, specifying women.

“Women in Kashmir are suffering immense mental and physical torture at the hands of tyrannical India,” the envoy said, adding: “Curfew imposed on illegally occupied disputed territory by India has been a hard pill to swallow for Kashmiri’s but they refuse to bend the knee and give in, becoming more cognizant of what was around them and what their rights are.”

Lodhi claimed that the troops on the ground deployed by India to keep Kashmiri’s at bay were committing rapes and other nefarious crimes in the disputed land to cultivate an atmosphere of constant fear.

This was Maleeha Lodhi’s last appearance at the United Nations forum and would henceforth be replaced, the entire hall clapped in the favor of Lodhi as a show of respect and admiration on her last address to the council.

She said that she took pride in being the only woman to have represented Pakistan in its 70-year history at the United Nations (UN) as ambassador.