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Malik Demands Nawaz Sharif To Withdraw His Statement

Islamabad(May 14, 2018): PPP Senator Rehman Malik on Monday demanded that former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif should withdraw his statement about the 2008 Mumbai attacks of 2008.

Addressing a presser in Islamabad with regards to the Mumbai attacks, Rehman Malik stated that he made a joint investigation team to probe the case but India stalled the investigation by refusing to record primary suspect Ajmal Kasab’s statement before his hanging and failing to provide evidence against the suspects.

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He claimed that India orchestrated the attacks to take the world’s attention away from the atrocities committed by its forces in occupied Kashmir.

“The Mumbai attacks were a sting operation by [Indian spy agency] RAW,” said Malik, adding that India foments terrorism inside Pakistan by sending serving officers such as Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav to conduct anti-state operations. He reiterated that Pakistan is not in any way involved in the Mumbai attacks.

Pleading Nawaz to take back his “hurtful” statement, Malik wondered what the three-time premier will do if the United Nations summons him to explain his remarks.

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