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Man Commits Self-Immolation Outside PM House

ISLAMABAD: A man self-immolated outside Prime Minister’s House on Friday.

According to Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat, the man was “mentally disturbed”.

He said that the deceased, identified as Faisal Mehmood, was a resident of Murree and was mentally unstable and a drug addict.

The claim about Mehmood’s mental health could not be independently verified.

A First Information Report (FIR) had been registered against Mehmood last year for allegedly attempting to abuse a minor girl and he had been declared an absconder in December 2019, the Islamabad deputy commissioner said.

Before setting himself on fire, the man said that he did not trust the Rawalpindi police which was why he was taking this step.

Shafqaat added that the man had some medical problems as well and had recently visited Polyclinic Hospital.