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Manchar Lake case: SC express anger over unfinished RBOD project

KARACHI: Supreme Court has ordered to remove DG Environmental protection Agency Naeem Bukkhari, whowas added in Task Force formed over matter of polluted water in Manchar Lake, while the court stated that DG Environmental Protection Agency is incompetent person and that man is killing millions of people of the whole Sindh and Karachi.

Supreme Court Karachi Registry office heard the Manchar lake pollution case, the court expressed serious anger over non completion of RBOD project in 16 years and ordered Federal and provincial governments to resolve issues in a month.

Justice Ameer Hani remarked that if the matter was not resolved in a month, then Prime Minister and Chief Minister will be convened in the court. Justice Qazi Faiz Essa remarked that if they cannot run the government then they must give that to anyone on contract basis, whether this is the job of government or court. On this eve, Advocate General Sindh told the court that government has formed task force regarding Manchar Lake and it was told in provincial government report to prevent the lake being polluted, provincial government report said that RBOD project is a project of Federal institution WAPDA, while Federal Secretary Finance told Supreme Court that Sindh government is partner in the project.

On this eve, court remarked that Manchar Lake is getting destroyed due to pollution, but it has not been finalized that who owns project. During the hearing, Sindh government representative presented notification of task force over Manchar Lake matter, which the court rejected and ordered to force task force again.