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Marriyum Aurangzeb Responds To Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister of Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that Imran Khan wants to set country on fire, Imran Khan’s Chief of Staff Shahbaz Gill read the written statement, the script was Imran Khan’sagainst the martyrs and their families.

In response to Imran Khan’s press conference, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb also held a press conference, in response to Nawaz Sharif’s videos, Imran Khan’s old statements were also played during her presser.

She said that Nawaz Sharif had only said that the organization should work within the constitutional limits, you are inciting rebellion and political interference, Imran Khan is saying that there is a plan to fight the biggest party with the army.

The federal minister said that Imran’s instigation, social media campaign against the martyrs was run. No Pakistani can think of trolling against their martyrs, we are reaping the hatred you are sowing.