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People’s Court Rejects NS Disqualification Verdict: Maryam

Islamabad (February 16, 2018): Mansehra (February 16, 2018): The daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and leader of ruling party PML-N Maryam Nawaz again, as usual, lashed judiciary and claimed that people’s court has turned down the Nawaz Sharif disqualification verdict.

“If Chief Justice talks in PTI tunes he will be faced the same tune,” she said while addressing social media workers’convention in Mansehra on Friday.“During the Panama hearing Nawaz Sharif was matched with the criminals,” she asked “How can someone match the people representative with criminals.”

Maryam further stated that slapping a contempt of court on Nawaz is a “contempt of vote” of all those who voted for Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Stating it is the masses who will take the decision for Nawaz and not the courts, she said the people of Lodhran “masses court held eligible as eligible and ineligible as ineligible.”

“Every court of masses is giving its ruling in favour of Nawaz,” Maryam said further stating that the former PM’s case will be decided by “the court of the people.” She also said that people’s trust in the judicial system is dented.Taking a jibe at National Accountability Bureau’s request to place Nawaz on the Exit Control List (ECL), Maryam stated that “we are not the kind who run away.”

“The graves of his forefathers are here and his will be here too. He will stay here in your hearts,” she said further.

The former first daughter also asked how an elected cadidate can be called a plunderer. “Calling an elected candidate a plunderer is an explanation of which constitutional law?”

Earlier, she reached Mansehra to address the convention. She was warmly welcomed by the PML N supporters and attendees of huge mass gathering.

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The convention is organized at the residence of local PML-N leader where Maryam Nawaz would address the members of Mansehra social media wing and also met with the PML-N leaders in KPK.

The aim of the convention is to applaud the efforts of the PML-N social media wing in Mansehra and would also devise the future strategy for the social media wing.A local PML-N leader Sardar Aurangzeb said that a large number of activists would likely to participate in the gathering and would arrive in groups at the gathering venue from different adjoining parts of Mansehra.

He said that the social media team is working extremely well under the leadership of Qazi Atif Sohrab. “Certain anti-Pakistan elements are spreading negative propaganda against the country on social media and it is our responsibility to counter it,” he said.

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