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Maryam Nawaz Responds to ‘VIP Accountability’ Comments

Islamabad (October 26, 2017): Maryam Nawaz on Thursday sarcastically commented on the suggestions that VIP accountability was being conducted of Sharif family, saying that VIP accountability is when the vehicle turns around halfway due to back pain [of the accused] while going to the court.

Talking to media outside the accountability court after appearing before it, Maryam responded the criticism of political foes, who says VIP accountability of Sharif family was being conducted,  and said that they were appearing in court despite her mother’s ill health and her father’s questionable disqualification so how could this be termed ‘VIP accountability’.

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“VIP accountability is when the vehicle of accused turns around halfway on the way to court and the accused lands in a hospital,” she remarked in indirect reference to former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.When asked whether the government will issue red warrants for Musharraf, Maryam responded, “our government, our government? Its better I stay silent neither I nor you (questioner) are so naive.”

She said that every “so-called” democratic government, no matter how weak, should complete its tenure.

“This is how democracy will be strengthened in the country,” she said while talking to reporters outside the Accountability Court hearing corruption cases against her family.Maryam clarified that reports of differences within the Sharif family are only present on the media and have no significance even if someone has said something.

When asked, she said her brothers Hasan and Hussain — declared proclaimed offenders in the case due to their continuous non-appearance — will answer the accusations against them themselves.She also questioned the ‘hasty’ justice being meted out to Nawaz Sharif and his family.

Earlier, as the hearing began, Maryam reached the court after landing at Islamabad airport in a special plane from Lahore while her husband, MNA Capt (retd) Safdar, arrived at the Federal Judicial Complex before her.

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