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Match Is Not Over Yet: Imran Khan

Islamabad (August 17, 2018): PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Friday said that the real match will start after the prime minister elections.

After chairing PTI’s Parliamentary meeting in the parliament house, Imran Khan spoke to media and said that the real test for the party is about to start after the election of Prime Minister.

“The match isn’t over. Only one part of the dream is complete” Khan said upon his arrival.

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Responding to a question regarding Punjab Chief Minister name, Khan said that the announcement would be made soon.

Parliamentarians will elect the country’s next prime minister during the National Assembly session, which will resume in a while today.

Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf’s Imran Khan and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s Shehbaz Sharif is contesting for the top office of the country, while Pakistan Peoples Party and Jamaat Islami have decided to abstained.

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Numbers game

With the loss of the PPP (54 seats), Shehbaz Sharif will now face an almost impossible task to be elected as prime minister. The PML-N has 81 seats in the National Assembly and it is yet unclear if the party will still be supported by the MMA (15 seats) and ANP (1 seat).On the other hand, Imran Khan’s PTI has 151 seats and with the support of its allies, the total stands at 175 which is more than the required simple majority.

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