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Mayor Karachi should work instead of hiding incompetence behind complaints: Ghani

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party Leader Senator Saeed Ghani on Sunday advised Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar to work instead of resorting to excessive complaining about lack of powers.

Addressing a press conference to respond to Mayor Karachi’s criticism of the provincial government, Ghani said that it has been MQM’s track record to encroach parks, playgrounds and even Nullahs.

He said that it was better for Aktar to work for delivery of services to the masses instead of hiding his incompetence behind complaints of lack of powers.

He criticized Akhtar for being too critical, saying that he only criticize instead of working. He also accused MQM of hiring ghost employees in KMC, saying that in 2005 total employees of KMC were 16 thousands and when Mustafa Kamal’s term end the strengthen rose to 60 thousands.