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Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar released on bail

KARACHI: Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar has been released on bail by Anti-Terrorism Court here. Leader of Peoples Party Qadir Patel and Usman Moazzam of Pasban Pakistan have also been released by the same court on bail of Rs 500,000 each.

Wasim Akhtar’s family including his wife, son, and daughter who were are present in the court hugged and congratulated him after the court granted his release.

MQM Pakistan has decided to throughout a lavish welcome to Wasim Akhtar. Party leaders will go to Central Jail to receive Wasim Akhtar after his release.

Preparations are underway at the temporary headquarter of MQM Pakistan located in PIB Colony for the warm reception of Wasim Akhtar.

According to the spokesman of the party Wasim Akhtar will visit Quiad’s mausoleum after his release.

Earlier today the three suspects including Wasim Akhtar were produced in the Court hearing the case against then for facilitating medical treatment of terrorists.

wasim Akhtar has secured bail in 38 cases already.