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Medical board confirms torture on child maid Tayyaba

ISLAMABAD:  A medical board examining 10-year-old child maid Tayyaba confirmed torture marks on her body.

Vice Chancellor Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) Dr Javed Ikram told media that he had completed her medical examination and had found torture marks on her body.

The team also took blood samples for DNA test.

Doctors have taken DNA samples from four sets of parents claiming to be Tayyaba’s family. Besides the initial set of parents and siblings, DNA samples have been taken from three other families one each from Kamaliya, Faisalabad and Jehlum.

Law Enforcement Agencies and Police recovered Tayyaba from a suburban area of Islamabad on Sunday. She had mysteriously gone missing after the case was highlighted in local media upon which the Supreme Court had taken a suo motu action.