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Meera Applauds Mahira, Aamina for Their Initiatives

Web Desk (September 11, 2018): Pakistan’s famed film star Meera has applauded Mahira Khan and Aamina Sheikh for their initiatives working with Afghan refugee children and girls  education.

Mahira is making headlines continuously for her philanthropic work for Afghan refugees with UNHCR, she has garnered immense support from all around and has now also gained approval from someone who isn’t her biggest fan.Meera at various points in the past articulated her dislike for the much acclaimed Mahira Khan, but it appears now that the she has finally deemed the Khan worthy of her praise.

Meera took to Twitter to commend both the ladies for their initiatives, where she wrote that, ‘I applaud #MahiraKhan and #AaminaSheikh for their initiatives working with Afghani refugee children and children’s education especially for girls. With fame comes responsibility’.

She went on to laud the actors for working with the Afghans taking refuge in the country as well as stressing on the issue of girls’ education.

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