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Meera second marriage case: Court reserves verdict

LAHORE: A local court of Lahore has reserved its verdict till July 20 over petition filed to stop proceedings against Meera’s second marriage case.

Case against Filmstar Meera was heard in Cant. Kacheri Lahore, during which the court was told that Ateeq-ur-Rehman is out of city, while Filmstar Meera is in Karachi. Court declared that the verdict to be released in presence of both parties. Filmstar Meera has filed petition to stop court proceeding against her second marriage, adopting stance that a case of fake marriage against Ateequr Rehman is under hearing in family court and according to law, the criminal category cases cannot be proceeded until the matter is under hearing in family court. The court was requested to stop proceeding of second marriage case claimed by Ateequr Rehman. The court reserved the decision till July 20.