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Meera Will Determine When She Wants To Work With SRK

Web Desk(September 12, 2018): Remember when Meera Jee claimed that she was a better actor than Priyanka Chopra?

The star has expressed her desire to work in Hollywood numerous times. But what we didn’t know was that she once told an LA Times reporter that she will determine the right time to act with Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan. Recently, taking to Twitter, the star, who ventured into Bollywood with Nazar, wrote, “I was once asked by an LA Times reporter – if you are a superstar when will Shah Rukh Khan act with you? I said, ‘No, the price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. I own myself and I will determine when I want to act with him’.”

Kudos to Meera Jee for holding her own!

Previously, she requested all her fans to support her journey to Hollywood and tweeted, “To all my loyal fans, I would like to broaden my acting horizon and kindly request you to encourage and tweet to Universal Pictures to please consider me in their upcoming film projects.”

We’re not sure if that’s the right way to approach Hollywood, but if it works, we’re rooting for you, Meera Ji!

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