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Melbourne: Gunman shot dead after killing one of 2 Hostages

Melbourne, Australia (June 6, 2017): A gunman who  killed a man and took a woman hostage was killed while three police officers were also wounded in a police shootout here. Police linking the crime to terrorism said that the man was acquitted of plotting a terror attack at a Sydney army base many years. years earlier, police said Tuesday.

According to details the siege begun Monday at an apartment building in a suburb here. Victoria state Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said the gunman appeared to have acted alone and not as part of any ongoing plot or threat.

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Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that police were treating a deadly siege in the southern city of Melbourne as an “act of terrorism” after a claim by the Islamic State group that one of its fighters was the gunman responsible.

Police shot dead gunman Yacqub Khayre after he held a woman hostage inside an apartment building in Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city. Police confirmed on Tuesday that Khayre, who was acquitted of a plot to attack a Sydney army base in 2009, had shot a man dead in the foyer of the building.

The gunman, Yacqub Khayre, 29, was one of two men acquitted by a jury in 2010 of plotting a suicide attack in Sydney. Three people were convicted of conspiracy for that plot, which police thwarted before it could be executed.

Khayre, a Somali refugee, served prison sentences for arson and violent crimes unrelated to extremism before being paroled in November.

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