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Met Dept Predicts Monsoon Rains In Karachi During End Of This Month

Karachi: It is likely that the weather in Karachi will remain partly cloudy while drizzle is expected at morning and night.

According to the meteorological department, it is likely that speedy sand filled air will run today while minimum temperature recorded in the city is 29. 5 degree centigrade.

On the other hand the maximum temperature will likely to go up from 34 to 36 degree centigrade.

As per the met department humidity is 75 percent while air blowing from South West has a speed of 21 km per hour.

The met department also predicted monsoon rains adding that heavy rain will lash under the monsoon in Karachi.

The met department said that the monsoon rains will start in the end of the last week of June.It is expected that first spell of monsoon will continue from 27 To 30 June.

The met department also predicted that more rains out of routine will lash in South and North Punjab this year.