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Michael Jackson Fan Spends $42k On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Idol

Buenos Aires: A man has gone to great lengths to look like the King of Pop.

Leo Blanco, from Argentina, spent more than $42,000 on 11 plastic surgery procedures to look like his idol, Michael Jackson.

Blanco, who has made a living as the “ultimate” Michael impersonator, also underwent numerous cosmetic procedures and yet the 22-year-old still isn’t content with his looks and is due to go under the needle again

“Each surgery takes me closer to my objective,”  told a TV channel.

He recently had mandibular contouring which will give him a more square, masculine chin and jawline — but said there are three surgeries missing on his nose and chin.

“I’d like to have my eyebrows a bit more lifted up, this could be done by getting injections,” Blanco said.

“I’d like to get a face lifting, although all the surgeons refuse to do it because they say I’m not old enough.

“It’s a constant fight between what my parents want, what I want and what the surgeons are willing to do.”

His mother told the network that she fears for her son’s life and that he is taking his obsession too far.

“I approve of him being a fan of Michael Jackson and impersonating him, but the plastic surgeries?” she told the TV.

“I am worried because he talks about surgeries so relaxed as if he was going to a hairdresser, but I fear a lot that he is going to die in one of the surgeries.”

His obsession with Jackson began when he was just a child and since then he wanted to transform into the pop singer.

His first modification began age 15 — he went on to have two otoplasty surgeries to reshape his ears, three liposuction surgeries, four rhinoplasty surgeries, and two hyaluronic acid and botox applications to enhance his cheekbones.

The 22-year-old admitted he had put his body, soul and all his money on the line to become the world’s best Jackson impersonator.

“It’s impossible to have just one or two surgeries done, you want more and more,” he said.

“I spent around $US30,000. It was not what I imagined but to reach my dream, it’s worth it.”

Blanco, who has even called his home Neverland, has dreams of being the best Jackson impersonator in the world.

The Buenos Aires entertainer often shares videos and pictures of himself performing throughout Argentina to this more than 41,000 Instagram followers.