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Mirza Ghalib 149 Death Anniversary

Web Desk (February 125, 2018): Mirza Ghalib is the name that does not need any introduction and would never ever do. Such was an aura of the legendary Shayar.

Popular not only in the earlier generations, the name is well renowned in the youth of the country and all over the world.His Shayari was, is and will always be an escape zone for the lovers of every generation. His poetic expressions towards life and its problem connect to each individual trying to find a way out to relaxing.

The way he minced his word with the emotions leave an impact on each poetry lover… Born on December 27, 1797, in Agra, the poet took his last breath on February 15, 1869, in Delhi.

The poet had an arranged marriage at the age of 13, but none of his seven children survived beyond infancy, tragedies which are reflected in his work.A prodigious poet. Mirza Ghalib started writing poetry at the age of 11. His verse is characterised by sadness, the result of an often tragic life. He was orphaned at an early age and lost all seven of his children in their infancy.

He struggled financially, never had a regular job and depended on patronage from royalty.Ghalib’s poetry. After marriage, he settled in New Delhi. In one of his letters, he describes his marriage as a second imprisonment after the initial confinement of life itself.

The idea that life is one continuous struggle was a recurring theme in his poetryThree forms of poetry. Ghalib’s best poems were written in three forms: ghazal (lyric), masnavi (moralistic or mystical parable), and qasidah (panegyric).

Life is a playground. In Ghalib’s view, life was similar to a playground, where people are busy in mundane activity but not aiming for a major goal.“Just like a child’s playground, this world appears to me. Every single night and day, this spectacle I see,” he wrote.Final goal. His final aim with his writing? “I want to write lines that make whoever reads them, happy.”

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