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Missing Persons Commission Disposes More Than 4000 Cases Until August

ISLAMABAD: National Commission on Missing persons disposed of more than 4000 cases until August while families of victims have lauded the efforts of its commission over taking special interest and attention.

The commission has released its performance report, as per the press release issued by the commission, it received as many as 6277 complaints till July of this year while it received 55 more complaints in August which brings the number of complaints total to 6332.

The commission conducted 523 hearings around the country of which 219 in Islamabad, 81 in Peshawar, 72 in Lahore and 151 hearings conducted in Karachi.

The press release added that families of victims of mission person appreciated its Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal over taking special interest and attention on the matter.