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MNA Ramesh Kumar Returns Back To Country After Visiting India

ISLAMABAD: Member of National Assembly (NA) of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) belonging to minority community, Dr Ramesh Kumar has returned back to the country after visiting India.

Talking to media outside the parliament house, Ramesh Kumar said that he visited India on Modi’s government invitation after getting go-ahead from Islamabad.

Ramesh Kumar said that positive effects of his meeting with Indian premier Narendra Modi and foreign Minister Sushma Suraj will be seen in next few days.

The PTI MNA from minorities, the Hindu community, said that positive statement came from the Indian premier 12 hours after his meeting with him.

He said that he will hold important meetings with the country’s leadership in the next few days adding that as they move ahead a conducive atmosphere will be seen.

The minority member said that he will play vital role in confidence building between India and Pakistan while he has a dream to turn India-Pakistan relations like European countries.