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Mobile, Internet Services Banned for 48 Hours in Tripura

India (June 30, 2018): Tripura government on Thursday imposed a ban on mobile internet and SMS services in the state, for 48 hours, citing a threat to public safety.

According to an American TV, the move came about after since a hawker from Uttar Pradesh was lynched and two others were injured after a mob attacked them on suspicion of being child-lifters.

D.G. Police, A.K. Shukla said that rumours are being spread about the presence of some child lifters, which created panic in the society. There have been incidents of attacks on people found in isolated locations by the public suspecting them to be child lifters.

According to higher police official, it has been noticed that SMS, WhatsApp and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are being widely used for transmission of fake images and videos as well as text messages which have potential to incite violence in the state at a larger rate.

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