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Mobile Phone Imports Increased by 35 percent

ISLAMABAD: In the first quarter of current year, import of mobile phones and dry fruits had gone up by 35 and 12.66 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, there was a decrease in import of tea by 31 and pulses by 22.37 percent.

Statistics of Ministry of Commerce reveal, that from July to September there have been mobile phone imports of $260.90 million. Also, in the previous year during the same quarter the imports stood at $190.92 million.

Tea imports had reduced by 31 percent, the total stood at $100.22 million dollars in the running year’s first quarter.

Further, import of cream and infant milk was reduced by 14.88 percent, palm oil by 25.38 percent, sugar by 18.16 percent while 60.68 percent reduction in construction and mining machinery was seen.

Mobile phones worth $260.90 million were imported in the first three-months of the year.

However, pulses, tea, infant milk, and palm oil saw a reduction of 22, 31, 15, and 25.38 percent, respectively.