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‘Modi’s Dream Of Diplomatically Isolated Pakistan Will Never Be Fulfilled’

MUNICH: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi responded Indian threats and accusations after Pulwama suicide attack saying allegations had not ensued in past nor in future.

While talking to Voice of America (VOA) in Germany, FM Qureshi said Islamabad condemned sorrowful Pulwama incident while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of a diplomatically isolated Pakistan will never be fulfilled. He said that the Indian agenda was buried when Islamabad held meetings with foreign ministers of Germany, Canada, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan President.

He said world knew well that Pakistan got nothing from Pulwama incident while Islamabad had never ever supported violence. He clarified that Pakistan presented very clear policy for not allowing usage of its soil for terrorism.

FM Qureshi said that he felt sorrow over levelling of allegations without any investigation from the neighbouring country. He added that New Delhi should provide evidences if found any clue Islamabad’s connection in the attack.

India should make efforts for promoting regional peace and stability instead of focusing only on electoral politics, he said.

FM Qureshi said that he was returning with more confident after conclusion of Munich Security Conference. He revealed that US senators gave clear message for engagement with Pakistan in last meetings.