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Peshawar: ‘Mona Lisa of Afghanistan’ Sharbat Bibi arrested by FIA

PESHAWAR: The Afghan girl ‘Afghan Girl’ Sharbat Bibi, the crystal-eyes Afghan girl made famous by National Geographic magazine was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Peshawar today.

Sharbat Bibi, now a middle-aged woman, was arrested from her home for allegedly forgery of a Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC), FIA sources said. She had Pakistani and Afghan ID cards were found in her possession, the FIA sources added.

Sharbat Bibi, who shot to fame as ‘Afghan Girl’ after the publication of her haunting-eyes photographs in National Geographic and also as ‘Mona Lisa of Afghanistan’ has been charged under Section 419, 420 of the Pakistan Penal Code and Section 5(2) of Prohibition of Corruption Act.

According to details NADRA had issued three CNICs to Sharbat Bibi last year as well as also to two men who claimed to be her sons in violation of NADRA’s rules and procedures.