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Mushtaq Chini Discloses Astonishing Information Regarding Sharif Family

LAHORE: Mushtaq Chini on Monday made eye-opening revelations in the money laundering case involving Sharif family when he claimed that one of Sharif’s company’s official had approached him seeking to ‘whiten money’.

Being an approver in corruption cases against Sharifs, he made the startling revelation before a Lahore court’s judicial magistrate Amir Raza Beto as he recorded his statements in the case in accordance with section 164.

A copy of Mushtaq Chini’s statements was acquired by AbbTakk News.

“I have been doing business with family of Mian Shehbaz Sharif since 2005. Secretary of Shehbaz’s company namely Usman, back in 2014, asked me to whiten Rs70 million”, Mushtaq revealed to the court.

He claimed that the company’s secretary wanted to use his bank accounts for whitening investments.