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More Children Pulled Alive From Rubble in Turkey After More Than 30 Hours Of Rescue Operation

Ankara: Turkish state media is reporting on the rescues of more children in southern Turkey.

They include a 12-year-old girl in the province of Malatya who was pulled from the rubble after 40 hours

On the other hand a 10-year-old Syrian girl who was rescued from the debris of a flattened five-storey building in the province of Hatay. She had been trapped under the rubble for 39 hours.

Another four-year-old girl was rescued in Hatay, 33 hours after the earthquakes struck, while a six-year-old boy was also pulled from the rubble in Hatay. Anadolu Agency said emergency crews were now working on rescuing the boy’s mother.

Dad holds his daughter, who looks at the camera distressed. She is wearing a pink jersey that has dirt all over it. He is wearing a white beanie and red gloves.