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Motorola Ready to Release Foldable Cell Phone

WEB DESK: We’ve known for several months that Motorola would be among the first smartphone vendors to launch a foldable phone. The company announced as much around the time the Galaxy Fold and Mate X were introduced. Reports claimed that Motorola was working on a foldable phone that will bring back the iconic Razr brand and flip design.

The company never confirmed any of those rumours, nor did it announce any specifics about its foldable devices in the months that followed. The delayed launches of the Fold and Mate X may have played a part in that, as they could have given Motorola more time to refine its own foldable design and ensure it doesn’t encounter any embarrassing issues like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. But Motorola is almost ready to unveil the foldable handset, and we already have a date for the announcement.

Motorola’s invitation says that “you’re going to flip,” and that it’ll unveil “an original unlike any other.” It also features a video animation that seems to indicate some sort of transition from the old Razr flip phone to brand new design. There’s definitely some sort of flipping involved in there, and the recognizable hinge seems to still be present. But the foldable Razr’s design and final name have yet to be confirmed.

Leaks earlier this year revealed the foldable will look a lot like the old Razr flip phone, complete with a smaller display on the outside and a larger one on the inside. Unlike the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, the Razr will not look like a tablet when folded open. The render pictured below could end up being pretty close to the real thing.