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MQM-P Bahadurabad Terms Sattar Led Intra-Party-Polls ‘Illegal’

Karachi- MQM-P Bahadurabad faction on Sunday termed the intra-party polls conducted by the party’s PIB faction led by Farooq Sattar as illegal and against the organizational policies.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the Bahadurabad faction said that the party activists would foil the efforts of behind the scene actors who were trying to divide the party through their unity.

It said that unfortunately, Farooq Sattar is being misled by the advisors around him. “As per the party’s constitution, it is the two-third majority of the coordination committee that could decide on the issue,” the statement read.

After 23 August, the party has ended the powers for an individual to decide on the issues and even the election commission of Pakistan has accepted the powers of Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui to decided on the nominations for Senate elections.

The party constitution have the process to resolve the issue and before going to any court, such procedure should be adopted, it said.

They said that the loyal party activists reject any move to create divisions within the party on permanent basis.

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