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MQM, PML-Q Will Remain Part of The Coalition: Sheikh Rashid

LAHORE: The Railways minister Sheikh Rashid claimed on Saturday that he guaranteed that the MQM and PML-Q would remain to stay with PTI coalition government but can’t say about others.

Talking to media in Railways headquarters Lahore Sheikh Rashid said that the report over Tezgam incident was not clear and has a lot of ambiguity as it was being reviewed.

Commenting over audit report submitted in SC, Railways minister said, it was not his administration report but I can’t fight in the court.”

Replying to a question, he said that he was amused over the Chaudhry Brothers’ statements but they and even MQM would not leave the alliance.

Sheikh Rashid said that no power in the world could end the existence of the Kashmir as he will stage a big rally on Kashmir day before Lal Haveli.