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Mrs. Sri Lanka Beauty Pageant Winner Stripped of her New Crown

COLOMBO: The conclusion of this year’s Mrs. Sri Lanka beauty pageant took a shocking turn when the previous year’s winner took to the stage to forcibly remove the crown from the winner’s head, awarding it to the runner-up instead because she claimed the rules disqualified the winning woman for being divorced.

Sri Lanka’s Caroline Jurie, the reigning Mrs. World, abruptly rushed the stage and took the crown off De Silva’s head so she could hand it to the runner-up, video shows. Jurie claimed that De Silva was actually divorced, and so she took it upon herself to award the crown to someone else.

“There is a rule that we all have to be married and not divorced, so I’m taking the first step saying that the crown goes to the first runner up,” Jurie told the audience, in an unexpected moment at the pageant.

Pageant organizers later confirmed De Silva’s win and re-crowned her as Mrs. Sri Lanka.