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Muhammad Amir Turns 27 Today

KARACHI: Fast bowler Muhammad Amir has turned 27 today.

Left-arm fast bowler Muhamamad Amir has born today in the year 1992 at Gojar Khan. The talented bowler got chance to present Pakistan in international cricket in the age of just 17 years.

A lot of experts impressed by his speed and swing and predicted his bright future but during 2010 England tour match-fixing scandal lost his pinnacle period of five years.

He is constantly part of Pakistani cricket team since 2016 when he rejoined the team after lifting of the ban on him.

The left-arm fast bowler has taken 234 wickets in international cricket while he took 119 wickets in test cricket after playing 36 tests.

He took 60 wickets in ODIs after playing 50 matches while he got 55 wickets in 42 T-20 matches.