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Mui’s Calm Wood Display Device which Link Home created

WEB DESK: This natural alternative interface connects to the internet, controls smart home devices, and is a new platform for developers.

Mui is a calm design device built with natural wood that serves as a smart home control hub. Using the digital display that appears with a swipe of your hand, you can talk, send/receive messages, check the news and weather and control smart devices (lighting, thermostats, etc.) and more.

When you are done, the display disappears, and the panel looks just like a piece of wood again.mui doesn’t constantly demand your attention as smartphones do. mui is a “calm” device designed to create a relaxing, distraction-free digital environment, so you can enjoy quality time with your family.

You can use Mui as Smart Display (Speaker)  with built-in Google Assistant, no worries for barking. mui will stay calm, without barking to mui, you can activate via SWIPE and TOUCH for tasks.  Is that cool?

You can also TALK to Mui when you’d like to stay bed in a while!

New User Experience of smart display/Speaker begins. Enjoy distraction-free family time.

Unlike smartphones, Mui doesn’t get you hooked on it.