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Mureed Abbass Murder: Investigators Write Letter To NAB to Investigate Atif’s Ponzi Scheme

KARACHI: The investigation of the Mureed Abbass and his accomplice Khizer Hyyat has taken a twist as the investigators of the case has written a letter to the anti-corruption body of the county National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for an investigation into the Ponzi scheme run by the accused Atif Zaman.

In its letter to the anti-graft body, the investigators opined that the worth of amount related to the ponzy scheme surpassing one billion rupees and more than 100 people are affected by the financial scheme.

According to investigators the investors mostly belonged to media fraternity while police are facing enormous pressure regarding the recovery of the money.

The counsel of slain anchor Javed Chathari talking to Abbtakk News said that the accused is an extremely adroit and suspected that someone other influential also involved in the scheme.

Whilst, he demanded the investigator to keep update regarding the investigation to slain anchor wife Zara Abbass who is the petitioner in the case.