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Musharraf’s efforts on Kashmir were ‘frustrated’ by India: Jethmalani

Advocating former Pakistan ruler Pervez Musharraf’s four-point formula on Kashmir, former BJP MP and eminent lawyer Ram Jethmalani on Saturday said the document should be the basis for a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue and that Musharraf’s efforts were “frustrated” by India.

“Musharraf came to India with a firm and honest intention. His proposal is a fantastic solution to the Kashmir problem. It is a wonderful document which should be the basis for a permanent solution of Kashmir. I have no difficulty in confessing that his efforts were frustrated by India and not Pakistan,” Jethmalani said.

Jethmalani, who is the chairman of Kashmir committee, also claimed he had made some changes to Musharraf’s proposal and the purpose of the document was that there should be a secular democracy on both sides of Kashmir.

“I have been working for Kashmir for a long time and Musharraf knew. He sent his proposal to me through a common friend. I made some changes to the document as part of the proposals on behalf of the Kashmir committee which Musharraf accepted. The whole purpose of the document is that there should be a secular democracy on both sides,” he said.

The Kashmir committee was constituted in 2002 to reach out to separatists in the valley. Reacting to the role of the committee in the current scenario, Jethmalani had said on August 16, 2014, “it is still alive and doing its job, but sometimes had to work out of public eye”.

The former Union minister, who was expelled from the BJP earlier this year, said a formal body comprising of statesmen and recognised by both India and Pakistan should be there to see to it that people are not exploited by these governments.

The head of the Kashmir Committee said he was in constant touch with the separatists and not all of them were “Pakistan agents”.

“They all are not Pakistan agents. It is possible that at one time they were pro-Pakistan, but I am glad to tell you that majority of them want to be with India,” he said.