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Muslim Family Brutally Attacked Over Cricket Game in India

GURUGRAM: A mob pelted stones at a house and beat up members of a family, in an attack triggered by a game of cricket in a city of India.

According to details, a mob of about 40 people was allegedly involved in the attack on the family of three or four people in Bhondsi area.

According to a victim, Shahid, six to seven drunk people asked his my family members not to play cricket on the street.

When the family continued to play cricket, the assailants were joined by over 40 youths who attacked the family with batons, iron rods, hockey sticks, and water pipes.

In a bid to save themselves, the victims rushed into their house but some of the attackers managed to barge in and beat them. The ones who didn’t enter pelted stones at the house.

They attacked the boy named Shahid with sticks and iron rods until he lost consciousness.

The attack was captured on a cellphone by one of the victims. The video clip purportedly showed women family members pleading for mercy while Shahid was being thrashed, he said.

The victim family claimed the police took about 40 minutes to come to their rescue, though they kept calling on the help number. By then, the attackers had escaped, they claimed.

The family later alleged it was a planned attack by a group of people “backed” by a Hindutva group.