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Muslims Cancel Muharram Procession For Hindu Patient

Web Desk (October 07, 2017): Muslims in India’s West Bengal have given a remarkable example of humanity in the recent time.

They decided to cancel this year’s Muharram procession and donate the money to a Hindu neighbour who is suffering from cancer.

Samaj Sangha Club which organizes Muharram procession has already given Rs 6000 and will collect Rs 50,000 (also the amount needed for procession).Hindu man Abir Bhunia is a recharge mobile shop owner who is suffering from caner of immune system called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The Secretary Samajh Sangha Club said that processions can be taken out every year but the life of this person has to be saved.

Bhunia was overwhelmed and full of gratitude for his neighbours.