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Mustafa Kamal Criticizes Govt Over Export of Flour

KARACHI: Pakistan Sarzameen Party Chief Syed Mustafa Kamal blasted on the PTI government over the wheat and flour crisis as he said that flour was existed in the country in ample amount but it was exported on a cheap rates and now it is being imported an exorbitant prices.

The PSP Chief on Sunday hold a presser where he criticized Imran Khan led the PTI government over inflation, unemployment and on other sets of issue.

He said that the rulers uses the name of state of Madina on the other-hand the country’s economy has ruined, people were compelled to eat food asking from charity organizations.

The ex-mayor also denounced the government of exporting the floor and said that there is no need of the flour export.

On success of Larkana rally he thanked people of Larkana adding that the didn’t thought that he will got such a astounding welcome in Larkana.

He said that soon conditions of people of Larkana will change adding that his party didn’t have competition with smaller parties but it has a capacity to compete with any large party.